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When I first stumbled upon Robin's stories, after spending many an enjoyable hour getting wrapped up in Daniel and Casey's world, the Muse started whispering ever so softly to me.  When the whisperings became louder than the SGC klaxons I figured it was time to listen to what She was trying to say.  Sooo with loads upon loads of encouragement from Robin K (who has become my closest friend), I let the Muse take over my mind and fingers, and tapped out my little (okay, they’re not so little,) tales of SG-1, with a focus on our favorite archaeologist.  Robin K has graciously offered to house my stories here for your viewing pleasure. I have made a few assumptions along the way, a couple of tweaks, but for the most part I have tried to remain true to canon.

If you stick with reading my tales right to the end, you are bound to notice some glaring similarities between Robin K’s and my work…so right off the bat…YES, I admit the idea of Casey’s psychic abilities grabbed me like a dog with a bone and just wouldn’t let go! And lets face it folks…when the main character is the delicious Doctor Daniel Jackson, the man’s reactions are going to be similar. Having said that, I hope you find my stories ‘different’ enough that you enjoy them in their own right.

Oh, just a final word, another similarity between our stories is that behind those sedate glasses of Dr Jackson is a very passionate man, ‘forcing’ me to rate my stories as R.



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