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"Having these four in the same room almost blinded her. Individually they were good people, but combined they had unprecedented power. Who were these people?"

(Annika witnessing SG-1’s aura for the first time. A Vision From Next Door.)





"You have just convinced me that when the war with the Replicators is concluded, the Asgard shall definitely renew investigation into the traditional method of procreation. It is difficult to believe that any physical act could be as pleasurable as consuming these chocolate truffles." 

(Thor upon learning some Tau'ri claim chocolate is better than sex. Christmas Memories.)




My stories are set about a year after Daniel has descended, but before ‘Heroes’. Creative liberty has been taken as far as the Sam/Pete relationship goes. They have already split up. (Since they do this in a future episode anyway I figured it didn’t really matter bringing it forward.) I have tried to stick to cannon for everything else (with only a couple of assumptions along the way), but if there are any major screw ups please let me know.



"If things go to hell, diplomacy will be the least of our problems." 

(Daniel Jackson. A Vacation of Sorts.)










Story List:

A Vision From Next Door

A Vacation of Sorts

Christmas Memories

The Blonde, the Redhead and the Archaeologist(s)

Interruptions of Inconvenience

Steps Back In Time

 Popcorn Doesn't Lie


A   Daedal Lineage A

Feathers and Lace



 The Past Came A'Whispering

 Threads of Love & War

Cupid's Virus

 Homecoming Queen


A Tangled Knots of Serendipity A

 Runaway to Hell



































"Well, it’s a first for me, but I understand it happens quite often at the SGC."

(Annika in regards to being captured by a Goa’uld. A Vacation of Sorts.)






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