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You Wrote That When?


A Vision From Next Door  

  April 2006

A Vacation of Sorts  

  July 2006

Christmas Memories  

  Sept. 2006

The Blonde, The Redhead, and the Archaeologist(s)  

  Oct. 2006

Interruptions of Inconvenience  

  Mar. 2007

Steps Back In Time  

  May 2007

Popcorn Doesn't Lie  

  Sept. 2007

Feathers and Lace  

  April 2008


  April 2008

 The Past Came A'Whispering  

  June 2008

 Threads of Love & War  

  Dec. 2008

 Cupid's Virus  

  June 2009

Homecoming Queen   

  Oct. 2009

Runaway to Hell    

  Mar. 2010



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